Fast & Furious

是我想得太多 犹如飞蛾扑火那么冲动 最后 还有一盏烛火 燃尽我 曲终人散 谁无过错 我看破 弦子 – 醉清风 things have been happening in high speed lately. be it relationship, friends and family matters or academic stuffs. so fast that i find it a lil’ hard for me to digest them all. no, don’t get me wrong, im not complaining (maybe just a lil’ … Continue reading Fast & Furious


i know i have been a bad bad blogger. no update nor blog-hopping. broadband is dang slow lately and i can’t afford Starbucks regularly. that’s why. *squint* okay la, i admit i’m lazy to edit pichas and drafting post too. any reward for my honestness mou! hehe so now i’m sitting down enjoying brekkie while … Continue reading Ohayo!


i’m sipping my hot lemon tea in Bakery as i’m drafting this post while Yiyi is trying to get some bonus from Uncle Lim XD. YUP! i is up at Genting again nyek nyek. it’s so muchy chiller today compared to my previous trip two weeks ago despite it looks sunny out there. BRRRR… how … Continue reading Brrr…

Le Sigh

just when i thought everything is moving steadily on track, something has to intrude and sidetracked it. oh great. just when i have already fixed up my pieces of broken heart, glued them to almost perfect (yala, there’s still flaw la but this is not the point), another problem arose. my stitched back scarred heart … Continue reading Le Sigh