Chap Goh Meh!

so fast! it’s da last day of cny niao T__________________T that also means from tomorrow onwards i really really need to work my butt hard as im waaayy behind my schedule already seimou! i wanted to savour every second of my cny holiday back home being surrounded with favourite people ❤ and yummo food ❤ … Continue reading Chap Goh Meh!

It’s December Niao!

So Fast :S which means year 2009 is so gonna end in 30 days :S im regret that i didn’t accomplish something big this year, haih, another year wasted 😦 wait, i still have 30 days to do something, emmm… oh, like stp, im a december baby too! *hints hints* Continue reading It’s December Niao!

Hallo From Sibu

*wave* if u guys haven’t already know, im now in Sibu it’s a loong story why im here, to cut da story short, becos of H1N1. period. okie, a tad more, there’s +ve cases in my campus. period. mami: don simply go out ar in Sibu. drink more water. just stay in da house nevermind … Continue reading Hallo From Sibu

Baby Step

my new year resolution #653457656 is to stay fit and shed off unwanted fats. i finally step into da gym in my campus for da first time in year 2009. eh don’t expect something liddis hor or something liddis. currently it’s only a small run-down room with equipments like treadmill exercise bike red gym ball … Continue reading Baby Step