harro mai nem is FeiZai da nem FeiZai is dubbed by dis stupid jeje, who iz da owner of dis blog. actuali hor mai real nem iz Dollar becos mami is money-faced liddat. but noone cols mee that nao T_T. people dubs me as FeiZai or AhFat or ChakKaZai thanks too dis stupid jeje. okie … Continue reading Harro


i was in Penang with my fellow (ex-)coursemates 2 months ago (i is sucha lousy blogger T_T). we were staying at Oriental Hotel which is situated strategically at Penang Road, part of the new UNESCO World Heritage Site aka touristy site. we nom-ed all the way during our stay there. asam laksa la muachi la … Continue reading Guffaw

Let’s be Honest

PC fair (7-9th May) has finally came to an end (yala, i procrastinate again). phew! i can now sit instead of stand for more than 12 hours *glee*. i learnt so muchy and made many new friends too in this short three working days, my first and the last part-time job in Bint-ulu. though it’s … Continue reading Let’s be Honest

Von’S Burfdae

April was a berry berry hectic month for all of us. thesis, finals (a very last finals of our uni’s life woohoo!) and presentation haunted us from the beginning of the month till 28th which our presentation was held. so bloody glad that IT’S ALL O.V.E.R now! *bounce around the room* *shake butt* can you … Continue reading Von’S Burfdae