becos it was one of those day that i felt like dressing up. i bought this pair of leggings via online boutique last year. never once i wore it out cos i was scare that skeptical bint-ulu people would judge me :(. but heck, it’s my last few months here and i couldn’t care more! … Continue reading Brinjal!

Of Me & U

i feel that me & u have been parted, both physically and mentally… i love how we used to see and touch each other in school i love how we used to prattle on da phone for hours and hours i love how we used to share our crush stories i love how we used … Continue reading Of Me & U

QODD: Weirdest Allergen

seafood it’s da most common allergen everybuddy have heard of. some are selectively allergic to certain kinds of seafood like prawns only *cough* kikilala and bro *cough*. while some unlucky fellas are non-selectively allergic to all of da seafood. aww…poor thing… *tomatoes flung by* (bomb) rice u hear me right. R.I.C.E. da staple food to … Continue reading QODD: Weirdest Allergen