Lui Lui Turns 23!

qun ka fok yala! i have a daughter and she’s turning 23 niao! (^) pre-celebrated her burfdae last friday patay-ed till our undies drop wtf it was a fab night. it really was. (B) minus da barf :-[ ♥   my dear lui lui, may all your dreams come true and may your business prosper … Continue reading Lui Lui Turns 23!

My Roomie #2

one fine day, roomie bought a green papaya back it’s her very first time buying a papaya on her own (such a spoilt brat, tsk…) so after few days, she pared da papaya. papaya will turn orangish when it ripes…everybuddy knows this right Right RIGHT? she pared da papaya when it’s still very da green  … Continue reading My Roomie #2

My Roomie

me: dear can help to buy sawi and 2 tomatoes..ripe ones roomie: sawi是长什么样子的? (how sawi looks like?) caisin u know? and big onion 2 biji..2 potatoes canned food? i cant recognise sayur wo.. today fst class cancelled very nice not nice..we still have to stay in da hell lol..hell is good for u 😛 then … Continue reading My Roomie