How Looong It Takes To Realize…

this song *point down* was aired on RedFm da other day… i find myself humming it for da whole day… and keep playing it consecutively on WMP 😯   Realize by Colbie Caillat Take time to realize, That your warmth is. Crashing down on in. Take time to realize, That I am on your side Didn’t I, … Continue reading How Looong It Takes To Realize…


today’s class cancelled!

so eppie la me 😀

*hop and bounce around da room*

spent da whole morning playing with this 


da left is da now-ann, da right is da i-wish-im-liddat-ann

long silky hair

big shiny eyes

deeper longkang cleavage

eh, can see my yellow nails not 😛


decided to create a male-ann

so muchy brows to choose from

da left one is da frowny, da right one, nikey


wtf type of brows is this ar?



hamsap lou 😛


da end result!

im a sucker for guys who’s in formal attire.

don ask me why

not every guy can carry it well lo

u know, broad shoulder, slight muscular build ❤ 

is this consider as a fetish ar? 😯

faces that other members created

and they have this voting system to choose da best face!

u guess how da no. 1 face looks like

faster faster imagine!







i present to u da No. 1 look

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