Sabah vs Sarawak

that’s what we did since da second we touched down. so far, we have compared… da sea: Sarawak’s like teh-o. Sabah’s ooh-la-la. Sabah wins hands down. Sarawak 0 : 1 Sabah da people: (99% of )Sarawakian’s proprietors are rude! they always show us their bloody sullen faces as if we owe them few millions liddat. … Continue reading Sabah vs Sarawak


for its mcd cos bint-ulu no have mcd so as sandakan! mcd franchise very expensive one ar huh? gorgeous beaches (island) clear blue sea gorgeous sky my limbs are like red lobsters now T-T ;-( making me looks like a :-(|) (excruciating) festa keamatan tomorrow! yeah to tapai and boo cos tomorrow i will be … Continue reading I

Back To Basic

so, i have been working for one week now, and i can already conclude that working life is never a bed of roses. seriously. on my second day to work, i already experienced politics. oh gawd. people tends to take us interns for granted u know. they thought that they as permanents are larger than … Continue reading Back To Basic