Let’s be Honest

PC fair (7-9th May) has finally came to an end (yala, i procrastinate again). phew! i can now sit instead of stand for more than 12 hours *glee*. i learnt so muchy and made many new friends too in this short three working days, my first and the last part-time job in Bint-ulu. though it’s … Continue reading Let’s be Honest

Project 52: Week #2

da evil’s back! i have devoted my weekly 120minutes for her despite da fact that i have barely enough time for myself due to my oh-so-tight-that-i-could-barely-breathe schedule. money is one factor. and to relax is another one. irony right? for that two hours, i can (temporary) leave my assignments and workloads behind and have fun … Continue reading Project 52: Week #2

Aloha :)

greetings from Sandakan 🙂 i was meant to update earlier one but walao my accommodation have no internet connection…even celcom broadband shows me a bloody EDGE =.=||| sien…but at least i can online during working hours…if i have nothing to do la…which is only today cos first day to work and my superior only brief … Continue reading Aloha 🙂