Day 1: A Photo of Yourself…

Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was. hallo. yeah im a proud iPhone convert now XD. and yeah i know it’s not iPhone 4 u shuddup. and as usual, it’s known as iBaby. i have a habit of naming my gadgets 😀 so back to the question … Continue reading Day 1: A Photo of Yourself…

New Life

*wave vigorously* hallo welcome me back. i know i have been missing in action periodically. i have valid reasons i swear! i was back to Melacca after staying in Kay-Elle for more than two months. i know i am the worst daughter ever . but at least i did spend some time with my beloved … Continue reading New Life

Fast & Furious

是我想得太多 犹如飞蛾扑火那么冲动 最后 还有一盏烛火 燃尽我 曲终人散 谁无过错 我看破 弦子 – 醉清风 things have been happening in high speed lately. be it relationship, friends and family matters or academic stuffs. so fast that i find it a lil’ hard for me to digest them all. no, don’t get me wrong, im not complaining (maybe just a lil’ … Continue reading Fast & Furious

Let’s be Honest

PC fair (7-9th May) has finally came to an end (yala, i procrastinate again). phew! i can now sit instead of stand for more than 12 hours *glee*. i learnt so muchy and made many new friends too in this short three working days, my first and the last part-time job in Bint-ulu. though it’s … Continue reading Let’s be Honest


will be the last day for us to hand in our final bound of fyp. then i can proudly declare that i can has graduate! *bouncing up and down in pinkie pantie around the room and then kena tripped by the mess on the floor wtf* ohmaigawd i can’t wait to hand in my babies. … Continue reading Tomorrow