Oh Finally!

after weeks of working hard in lab till late at night, after weeks of burning last-minute midnight oil, i zzz less than 24 hours in 7 days. i is so cham after weeks of reading journalssssss that eyeballs also wanna pop out niao these are boring shite after weeks of neglecting AntzWorLd and my readers, … Continue reading Oh Finally!

Kap Hei~~ FU Hei~~

da ant iz so beezee as she’s been inundated with (overflowing) assignments reports fyp. these make her suffocated that she can barely breathe.  these are driving her crazee cos she iz deprived of sleep for few consecutive weeks :S. she stayed up till 4am this morning to finish up one last report to be submitted … Continue reading Kap Hei~~ FU Hei~~