i was in bathroom just now saw my coursemate so we chatted for a while  then before we headed back to our own room suddenly she turned her head and said something that almost made my heart stop beating eh Constance, u macam sudah gemuk sikit hor T___________________T sei lo cny is just 26 days … Continue reading T-T

Who’s This?

po… (grandma…) ❓ , pin ko lei geh? popo asked. (who’s this) 😯 constance la… mami answered. po, cham lo! nei mong gei ngo jo… (po, u forget me already) 😥 inilah padahnya tidak menelefon popo for tiga weeks! 😦 . fyi, popo is diagnosed with a mild Alzheimers three years ago 😦 that’s why her memory is deteriorating 😦 but … Continue reading Who’s This?

My Bad

i feel so bad for keeping this taxi uncle waited for me for 15minutes. haih! my plan for dinner is cancelled last minute due to some unforseen circumstances… and i’ve totally forgotten that i’ve booked a taxi 😯 and of course i’ve forgotten to cancel da booking… when my phone rings at 6.45pm, i look at … Continue reading My Bad