Von’S Burfdae

April was a berry berry hectic month for all of us. thesis, finals (a very last finals of our uni’s life woohoo!) and presentation haunted us from the beginning of the month till 28th which our presentation was held. so bloody glad that IT’S ALL O.V.E.R now! *bounce around the room* *shake butt* can you … Continue reading Von’S Burfdae


becos it was one of those day that i felt like dressing up. i bought this pair of leggings via online boutique last year. never once i wore it out cos i was scare that skeptical bint-ulu people would judge me :(. but heck, it’s my last few months here and i couldn’t care more! … Continue reading Brinjal!

Zhong Cao Jit

i know zhong cao jit is over for almost a week now. yet i feel like posting this up cos it’s our very last zhong cao jit celebration. it’s something memorable that i wanna document in AntzWorLd.net 🙂 better late or never right? so i betta fai tit blog about it before mojo dissipates away … Continue reading Zhong Cao Jit

cutie knots slamat ari raya! layering is da sarawak’s thang layering. again. layering. complicated ones. layering. colorful ones. *burps* had so muchy gassy drinks that day. green one. red one. orange one. brown one. purple one. =.= my blood glucose level high rocketed :S kampung visited two (typical) kampungs in two days, kg. asyakirin & … Continue reading