Dinner @ The Ship, Penang

I first saw this ship, was during my visit to the femes Kota Tinggi Pasar Malam, which I think you can just slash it off your must-visit list, seriously. yeah, it does have the length but the quality, meh. we saw this sign (pretend you see invisible T)  from afar and its unique exterior of … Continue reading Dinner @ The Ship, Penang

Day 2: What I Ate

Day 2 – A photo of something you ate today that’s wun zai ci (sharkfins in bowl, literally) if u didn’t know. we (courmates and i) went food hunting at a pasar malam nearby this evening as we were feeling famished. haven’t had a proper meal since i woke up. gulped down a cuppa oat … Continue reading Day 2: What I Ate