One Random Mornings

it started with two insomniac souls who coincidently knew each other were awoke at 4+am. few messages exchanged and one of them came up with da idea of watching sunrise. minutes later off they went sunrise hunting with anticipation sleepily wtf no, da sun didn’t rise. wait, da sun did rise, however, they didn’t get … Continue reading One Random Mornings

Through My Window

weather these days are berserk. one minute it’s searing hot and it raines cats and doggies and donkeys da next minute. siao! and do u notice that da sky are very blue with many many cotton candies lately? so beauuuutiful! i saw jumbo in da sky today. i once saw a ♥ too…sky’s full of … Continue reading Through My Window

QODD: Weirdest Allergen

seafood it’s da most common allergen everybuddy have heard of. some are selectively allergic to certain kinds of seafood like prawns only *cough* kikilala and bro *cough*. while some unlucky fellas are non-selectively allergic to all of da seafood. aww…poor thing… *tomatoes flung by* (bomb) rice u hear me right. R.I.C.E. da staple food to … Continue reading QODD: Weirdest Allergen