oh no! final exam will be held next tuesday and i have done zilch revision :S sei mou . woke up early this morning suppose to study… and i ended up reading bloggies 😦 and blogging here 😦 sei mou . da something is still haunting me  but i tell myself “babe, u need to … Continue reading :S


chatted with bestie on da phone last month, “hey we guys are going to Batu Pahat for hari raya celebration! are u coming back during hari raya or not?” T________________________T “walao…not coming back! airfares so expensive. stupid AirAsia! tax increased again. crazy one! why Batu Pahat? nice mer?” *sour grape* “this’s gonna be our feast trip! there’s so … Continue reading Eventful

PhotoHunt: Lazy

it’s really a tough hunting for this week’s theme! after rummaging my pic folder for hours, i could only find one pic that says lazy 😦 so i can call myself a hardworking person hor 😀 btw, im still in da mist of organizing my pic folder. it’s such a weary task i tell u … Continue reading PhotoHunt: Lazy