Boxer Or Underwear

a question which i have always wanted to ask da guys…most of my friends prefer underwear and da only person i have seen clad in boxer was my late grandpa =.= so da other i saw haur’s boxer peeking out from his so-loose-can-drop-off-anytime-pants, i faititly threw him this question… she: eh, why u put on … Continue reading Boxer Or Underwear


updates: im fully recuperated from flu niao…but im down with period. period. wtf   im down with flu with running nose…again!!!  :@ sneezing actually makes me miss da two lil’ kiddos cos whenever one of them ha-a-a-choo-ed, he/she will say, excuse me, darling 😀 (F) Continue reading Ha-a-a-choo!

Da Green Papaya

remembered da story of My Roomie #2? da exact plot of da story is she washed da papaya one fine evening… pared it abit but somehow feel that it’s hard like a stone she stopped paring and pray that it would still turn orangish yellow after few days somehow noone heard her prayer so this … Continue reading Da Green Papaya

My Roomie #2

one fine day, roomie bought a green papaya back it’s her very first time buying a papaya on her own (such a spoilt brat, tsk…) so after few days, she pared da papaya. papaya will turn orangish when it ripes…everybuddy knows this right Right RIGHT? she pared da papaya when it’s still very da green  … Continue reading My Roomie #2