My Roomie

me: dear can help to buy sawi and 2 tomatoes..ripe ones roomie: sawi是长什么样子的? (how sawi looks like?) caisin u know? and big onion 2 biji..2 potatoes canned food? i cant recognise sayur wo.. today fst class cancelled very nice not nice..we still have to stay in da hell lol..hell is good for u 😛 then … Continue reading My Roomie

Wanna Be A Constance?

one day, i was vexed by da question, which domain should i pick? and i saw Nic‘s online! so as usual i go and disturb him while he’s hard at work… *unicef constance wtf <–i wasn’t being rude. it’s his name… ask u ar wt domain name wil u gt 4ur own bloggie? or or Nic … Continue reading Wanna Be A Constance?