Killer Heels

ooopps! ann forgotten to thank mr BengBeng for da award! arigatou gozaimasu 🙂 u made ann’s day


it’s a whistle if u can’t catch it.

she’s done with da first presentation of da semester and da 2nd test.

felt a tad relief.

just a tad.

cos there’s two tests on Wednesday and one on Thursday. T-T

speaking of today’s presentation, it’s disastrous ann tells u. T-T

guess what?

ann saved da WRONG PRESENTATION SLIDES into her pendrive =.=

didn’t realise that until ann tap F5. it’s when presentation began.:shock:

“oh shit, old one”

it’s too late to do anything. impossible for ann to go back to da room and save da latest copy 😦

just let her die la. how can ann make such a stupid mistake.

so angry with annself now. 😡

felt so bad cos affected group members.

sorry babe. especially Kiki, stammered for da first time… 😦

ann’s bad 😦

Kiki still can comfort ann by saying, “不用紧啦, 过了” (literally means nevermind la, over already).

what is done cannot be undone. uh…

this is yours truly in formal attire with retarded grin on da face and da head tilted slightly to achieve a sharp chin which failed obviously. 😦

after class dismissed, someone commented,

“eh, cantik la baju u”

which made ann from gloomy 😦 to eppie :). a second later, ann nearly sprained her anker. stupid killer heels.

first thing ann did when she reached her room was taking off da killer heels straightaway and said,” 脚踏实地的感觉真好!” (literally means it’s nice to feel da land 🙂 ).

this is yours truly while digesting notes but got sidetracked by some camwhoring 😀

ok. enough of ann.

ann know u guys are very stress now.

loads of notes to revise…

so ann being a very kind soul shall give u some entertainment

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