Gotcha Babe :)

this babe is completely different from this babe earlier on i was grumpy over can’t see any moon… what i saw is this where’s da moon? after awhile, i walked out from my room to da corner and i saw this! so excited! da moon is hidden behind da cloud faster faster ask roomie to … Continue reading Gotcha Babe 🙂

Not So Eppie Mooncake Festival

i can’t online since yesterday noon… from worry to anxiety to nerve-racking to farkingly pissed off tried so many solutions like restarted for 6786457865times diagnosed for 567635468576times checked wtf is “an installed Layered Serve Provider (LSP) is outdated” using roomie lappie. oh thanks dear :peck* harassed da HP staff at midnight (so kind of him, … Continue reading Not So Eppie Mooncake Festival