PhotoHunt: Yellow

today i prepared a tableful of yellowish chinese&malay fusion cuisine come, cover your lap with napkin and let’s dig in 🙂 first up, appetiser  Tangy Crusty it’s like a fried popiah stuffed with cubic tangy fruits (spot da yellow!) coated with bread crumbs imagine da crunchy noise u make while having this…emmm… hope this dish does … Continue reading PhotoHunt: Yellow

PhotoHunt: Hat(s)

im not a hat person so it took me some time to rummage through my pic folder for today’s theme =.=   he seemed like meditating 😀 this was taken at a cultural show in Cultural Village, Kuching i think he’s Orang Bidayuh Iban, if im not mistaken my friends fooling around with Orang Penan’s … Continue reading PhotoHunt: Hat(s)