To U

4 thoughts on “To U”

  1. hey dear~ thx on tis special post for me wo.. 🙂
    realie touch le.. btw, mana ada KLIA? whn i’ve been thr le?
    wan me bcum ur maria and go clean ur hse? han fan la u…
    u’re d wan shud chia me cendol if i go thr le… 😆
    okok…i’m old now~ so u shud noe wat to do la… fast fast intro me a prince so dat wont be so lonely dy la…sumore wont be so blur and do stupid things agn lo… 😀

    haiya, KLIA is LCCT la…paise wanna say LCCT ma, low class 😛
    u come la next mth, i chia u mum cendol, nyonya laksa, and many many more…yum yum…
    prince ar? wait la i find someone as blur as u first sure intro 2u one…blur blur together ma 😛

  2. mana boleh blur blur 2gtr wan? lidat who jaga who wor? siao ar u? din even sayang me wan.. 😥 no heart ann.. von xam tam dy~~

    like fei mao ma…both also blur blur 😛
    sam tam what wo? ann lurves von kao kao one le…*smooches*

  3. = = u la like fei mao…ann fat dy wo… 😆 later bcum fei ann dy… wakakakaa~

    SEI VON!!! don’t wanna fren u liao 😥

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