12 thoughts on “Angel & Demon”

  1. Get a rotan! At least then your crime is just child abuse and not murder. haha!

    Btw, congrats for being First Commenter (FC) on my blog! You are rewarded with a link back at the bottom of my post. I used one of your photos for the link back – hope you don't mind! : )

  2. rotan?…emmm…im thinking of getting one too… :S…let's see how they behave in da next few weeks…

    wow, thanks for da FC thingy! 🙂
    but da mugshot :S my bulbous nose 😥

  3. no fair lor… why you potra her as devil………….

    I potra you as a goddess lorr
    like the anime story in AH MY GODDESS

  4. i just googled ah my goddess…
    da goddess is really pretty wo
    so i think it's a compliment to me hor… 🙂

    can't zzz niao tonight so many people praise me *smug*

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