Sinful Supper

19 thoughts on “Sinful Supper”

  1. teehee.. I had kolo mee for supper last night. The cholesterol is much higher than burger and fries. Do regular body checkup and exercise to avoid high cholesterol. We can't control the intake, but we must know how to get the output. XDDDDDD

  2. yeah, I'm like nic. Can gobble up double of what you ate!
    never mind, after you ate that, go for exercise lah.

    Btw, thin people does not mean no fat OK? Thin people also suffer from high cholesterol. It's thin on the outside but fat on the inside. Haha!

  3. high colestrol can link to gout lor…
    me kena ledi
    at my pointy finger……..
    that why I rarely blog……
    cannot type fast fast……
    may be in 2 day baru finish,,,,,,,,
    even coment oso take 20 minute to type….

  4. 😮
    awww…sorry to hear this…
    and im really grateful that u take all da hassle to leave comment…appreciate it muchy !
    get well soon!
    there's some medication to heal right?

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