Photo Friday: Exercise

8 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Exercise”

  1. haha maybe the coordination between yr eyes and hands are not tat good.. maybe u can try some other sports like jogging, skating, swimming, gymnastic…. etc.. haha..

    not maybe,
    ya, it is.
    my eyes and hands are not coordinated 😦
    gymnastic? i think my legs will break apart lo 😯

  2. I also do not know how to play badminton.

    I do exercise too. It is yoga.

    i finally find someone who don’t know how to play badminton 🙂
    i wanna learn yoga too, this fitness centre here charges kinda high lo 😦

  3. dancing is a form of exercise too 🙂

    in da pub?
    me likey 🙂
    do u know i actually performed chinese traditional dances during my high school days 😉

  4. been playing badminton since 7? wow….watvh out China badminton team. Annant is coming

    ask me to go there and pick up shuttlecocks ar ?

  5. I used to be good in badminton when I was…. ok, don’t even remember when. LOL How sad is that!

    maybe one day we got da chance to play together,
    see who’s da one to pick up da most shttlecocks 😯

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