Yellow Monday *Edited

9 thoughts on “Yellow Monday *Edited”

  1. wow, so cute!

    the yellow nail polish, i mean…LOL

    p/s the person is also a lil cute…

    just a lil’ cute ar?
    hey u are da first one who say my yellow nails are cute!
    i got remark like scary, sexy and vampy…

  2. My monday is blue.. a lot of works to do..

    Your monday is yellow.. happy le… enjoy your holiday

    holiday officially ended yesterday already la…
    yellow cos my striking yellow nails brighten up my day! 😉

  3. ahhh what a sad n tiring monday! every sun nite i feel like crying 😦

    sooo cham ar…
    *pat pat*
    don cry don cry…
    i think i will start crying too cos finals is approaching and i haven start on revision 😯

  4. Ooh. I just met a cam-whore queen. Haha. The yellow nails goes well with your shirt.

    and da shirt that u’re saying is my pjs 😳

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