Lunchy@One Stop Cafe, Bintulu

28 thoughts on “Lunchy@One Stop Cafe, Bintulu”

  1. aha annant i notice you are two timing your dates
    bad girl lah
    so greedy

    and haha your food all looks very delicious! except for one… and that is the mushroom pasta hahahah! am I allowed to say it looks like grey glue (sweat) (party) (poop)

  2. i prefer my rice to be dry…i will shout tak mau kuah ar to da proprietor wheneer i order mixed rice
    then she (or sometimes he) will give me O-) …semua orang mau manyak kuah u tak mau pulak… =-O
    cos im special liddat 😛

  3. O.o
    how come school canteen selling so expensive one and noone complain? haih, must be all loaded fellas la (arrogant)

    if eateries in uni selling anything exceed 4 buck, we will whine and curse niao O-)

  4. See! Bintulu not bad leh… Got all the nice food…and cheap some more!!! You see, tekkaus in Malacca – everything he has never eaten before. So kesian! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  5. Yeah, I didn’t know that Bintulu has that many place…last time I went there I found it quite small. Okay! When I go back to Sibu, I drive down and you be my food tour guide. 🙂

  6. firstly, i am so sorry that i am too busy with work and did not visit and comment….

    butter milk prawn rice…rm 6? so cheap????….bintulu food really cheap…..damn yummylicious those food

  7. u know what, they are my loupo and yamfu respectively 😛
    da mushroom pasta was atrocious! (poop) lousiest pasta. ever.
    grey blue? O.o i think it looks normal just that it tasted (N) (W) (arrogant)

  8. sibu more good le..more yummo food…
    we are so sien with bint-ulu already, deciding where to lunchy and dinner is head-throbbing 😦
    i have tried many exotic food da past three years which is (Y) 😉

  9. try to explore around and u will find many eateries around parkcity area 😀
    when will u be back? i will be here till next May only, so better be fast okie! haha

  10. i gotta apologize for not dropping by at yours as finals is just around da corner!!!
    everybuddy is saying it’s cheap Cheap CHEAP…price wise it’s reasonable, taste wise, i will fine it out next tiem 😀

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